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Who loves surprises?

If you love top quality kits, by amazing top artists, AND you love surprises....this is the place for you!!  Who doesn't love the rush of getting a surprise in the mail!? Members will receive 1 or 2 blank vinyl kits per year, depending on membership chosen, (Valued at $99.99 or higher each), by a top artists.  These are EXCLUSIVE kits offered ONLY to members here.   You will know the artists name, but not the kit, until the prototypes are complete and the kits are done. It will be a surprise!!!  Get an exclusive kit from your favorite artists for an amazing price!  Amazing deal for a limited edition kit!!!.   INSTRUCTIONS:  Click registration page or JOIN NOW above to join

MEMBERSHIP #1 is for ONE kit per year at $74.99

MEMBERSHIP #2 is for TWO kits per year at $139.98

PROTOTYPES: There will be 2 artists from this club, per sculpt, chosen to do prototypes.   HOW FUN!  

If you choose MONTHLY payments for 1 kit, you must complete all payments before kit is sent, meaning you will get the kit that is closest to being released at the time your payments are complete. OR you will have the option to pay the remaining balance due for the kit that was available at the time of sign up.   If you choose monthly payments for 2 kits, you must make at least 6 months payments to receive the first kit, and it will be the kit closest to being released at the time payments are complete, unless you  want to pay the balance due.

UPDATE: MOLDS  Baby #2 is almost ready!! We are looking at a NOVEMBER 2018 release 


**NO REFUNDS once the kit is revealed**  No exceptions


Shipping cost is not included in our amazing kit prices.  Depending on where you live, shipping will be billed prior to kits being shipped.   Here are some shipping costs for our first kit:  

USA: $9

Canada: $34 (priority mail)  $15 First class envelope

Spain: $47

Russia: $53

WANT TO LOWER COSTS?  If you would like to get together with a group of friends from your country, we can ship all your kits to one location and save you tons on shipping.