Mystery kit club is a place for artists to get top quality kits, from the worlds top artists, at a cost less than retail!  The kits produced for MKC are limited edition kits, available EXCLUSIVELY to members.   You can choose from 2 memberships.  1 kit per year, or 2 kits per year.   There is an additional savings on 2 kits per year, and when membership hits 1000, THAT IS IT!!  No more members will be accepted unless someone leaves.  We have been producing kits for nearly 10 years now, and have amazing quality.   Kits will vary from preemie to newborn size, but not be miniature or Toddler.  

If you choose a monthly membership, you must pay the full year before you will receive a kit for level #1 membership, and you must pay 6 months before you will receive your first kit, for level #2.   The kit you receive, will be based on the time frame that you have finished paying.  You will get the current kit at that time.  This ensures your kit is paid for.   Those that pay up  front, are actually saving as the monthly memberships end up being slightly higher.  THERE WILL BE AN OPTION TO PAY THE BALANCE of a kit due, when the  kit is released.

SHIPPING:  Every member is responsible for shipping charges.  We do our best to keep costs low.  International buyers, shipping costs are not inexpensive, but if you get together with a group of friends, we are more than happy to ship to one address.  Shipping will be due upon arrival of kits in stock, prior to mailing out.

EXTRA KITS:   If there are extra kits, they will be available ONLY to members, at the $74.99 price.   You are welcome to buy up to 2 extra of the same sculpt.  If you would like more than 2 kits, then each kit after 2, will be $99 each.  This is to prevent bulk purchases and reselling for inflated prices.